Decorating Tips for Rustic Styling

IF, I had to define the style of our home, IF I had to place it within a peghole....I would have to say we go rustic boho global with a touch of glam. Meaning....our home is filled with wood tones, DH rarely likes to see a piece painted, boho brings in the color. I like a loud color here and there just to keep the rooms interesting...turquoise, lime, orange,hot pink, and tons of deep peacock blue. I am Buddhist so we have some fantastic Buddha statues strewn throughout (including a 3.5 foot turquoise/teal one that I drool over each time I glance at it). We have large art pieces, mostly in blues and greens but being a NYC girl, I have to have that glam edge as well. So throughout the plants and ferns you'll notice a gilded mirror here, and a chandelier there. I love the way they all marry together to create "our" home. I love that it looks fresh and cozy and inviting all at once. Mostly I love that it doesn't look like anyone else's home. It is ours through and through.

How do I do it, I'll break it down into each "category"
I found that adding pieces of rustic decor really made the home feel more "grounded" and "warm". Prior to this we resided in a fabulous loft that was done in mid-century styling. While I adored it, at the time, I feel much more at peace here and I believe that is in part to finding way to make the home defined by us rather that the home defining us.

Bringing in rustic chic style to your home is perhaps the least inexpensive to change the look quickly and add a whole new vibe to your surroundings, here's some quick ideas that I always incorporate....

Baskets Baby! I like them dark, you won't find a bleached out one in our home. They catch everything and add warmth. They help me organize DH's 5 million pieces of guitar I know where to direct him when he inquires where "xyz" might be. Top places to pick them up inexpensively and that have good selections....Target and the large chain craft stores, i.e. Michaels, AC Moore, Joannes...
Here's a great one that Target has:
But I'm only married to one guy so I sometimes get crazy and use wire ones as well, which I think are equal in  bringing in the rustic feel. And yes every single blogger in blog land has them. Mine have been toting around with me since the eighties, because even as a child I was obsessed with baskets! I will share a tip I rarely see in blogland for them in places like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or check out their sites first. While I love Ballard, Pottery Barn and the rest of them I find the pricing unbeatable elsewhere ;) 

Second in bringing in the rustic.....recycled glass. Another obsession that I collect. 
I have a huge recycled glass wine jug. It is gorgeous. I paid $15. How? I shop smart. Recycled glass, with it's aqua colored shading is forever stacked along the shelves at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Ross. I have some pretty amazing pieces I picked up in these places, all for less than $15. They all live together on top of our media cabinet and the display is quite pretty when the glass shines through.

Above is the Prospero Glass Candle Vase from Napa Style. I love the handles on these guys! They are relatively inexpensive, especially for a website....the photo links to them if you click on it. 

Wood...wood. Oh how I love thee. Shop thrift stores for shelves, benches and racks. Many times when wood loses it's luster people will pass it off. Many times it doesn't need paint to look fab, some mineral oil will work wonders. I scooped up a bench that sits at our glass dining table for an $8 steal at a local thrift shop. It looked dull and beat but a quick coat of oil and a little elbow grease. LOVE IT. One of my most prized items in the house is an old wood framed mirror....that weighes an amazing amount. I imagine it sat outside for many a season before I picked it up for $4. The patina on it is amazing. I adore, adore, adore it!

The wood doesn't have to stop there, wood frames chosen in the right tone add  lovely character to the walls and wooden bowls make fabulous centerpieces and catch all's for all your rooms. Let us not forget the carved woods....or maybe I shall  leave them for my global pieces....see? Two styles married ~ love it.

Natural warms tones of creams and browns. Think slipcovers, yes, the dropcloth ones everyone makes look lovely. I have slipcovers sofas, but every pillow is colored. It brings a nice balance to the room.

Flowers. In our home wild is better for so many things. I will take a vase stuffed with plain daisies over roses Sprays of forsythia, tumblers stuffed with hosta leaves. It never looks staged, it brings in life and added vibrancy and usually lasts longer than a bouquet would. Not that I am anti bouquet in any way! I just prefer to break mine down and have a small vase in each room. 

I would love to hear everyone's ideas on how they bring it in.....

Back on the decorating scene.....

For many moons I have danced through so many other life happenings, only to find myself settling back down into the House of Deva. Often we find ourselves juggling so many things and I had to step back, take account of everything happening, breathe and find my center again. 

I'm eager to stroll back along and bring you some fabulously glam rooms and living without further wait here we go.....

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