White Room Inspirations

White can be elegant and glamorous, comfy and cozy or a mix of both, regardless of what style or tradition it will fall under, when done properly can be marvelous.......

Prepare yourself, I almost fainted when I saw the following banquette seating....utterly fierce and so SEXY!

I know this is a white roundup, but how sweet are those blue stairs?

images via Style at Home
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Rustic Branch Foyer Table

This sweet branch table caught my eye at Martha Stewart's Site. Isn't it fabulous the way it's rustic feel is completely glamourized with a vase of gorgeous hydrangeas? I adore the way it was fitted over the radiator, making a useful little spot for some added beauty.

Bold Home With Pops of Color

Love the jewel tones featured in this dining room, along with the mismatched seating and bold art, it's elegant and fun at once ~ and that equals an enjoyable dining experience
Adore that bed, the lines are so clean and it seems the perfect spot to curl up.
Pink, yellow and zebra is so bold, funky, glam and I love it!

images via Style at Home

Have You Investigated Artfire?

I stumbled across the website Artfire a little over a year ago. As a confessed Etsy addict I was happy to find another shopping pad for vintage, handmade and unique items. Artfire's "about us" page informs the world that they are a small company "with a passion for handmade, art, and indie business." Based out of Arizona, Tucson to be exact, I was blown away to discover that this amazing site is run by just 15 employees.

If you have an Etsy addiction (it's okay I won't tell anyone) and you haven't checked it out check, click on over to Artfire.com I would describe it as an online flea market/antique shop/thrift shop where you'll surely leave with a great find. Added plus, you can do it in your pj's.

Here's some treasures I found in the "Vintage" and "Home Decor" this morning:
$30....would looks lovely in any vintage vinette.....

Inspiring Kitchens

While I'm not keen on the mix of woods in this kitchen, I love the leaded glass doors and the molding on the black cabinets.
Love you blue island, I really just love everything about your curvy, ladylike shape...the cabinets, sigh, so beautiful, the kitchen is elegant and glamorous...so much so I bet even coffee brewed here taste's better ;)
Subway tile in aqua ~ perfecto.
Molding on the cabinets....marvelous.
This color is one of my favorites, I had a bath done in this about ten years ago and the way the light bounced off it is something that will always warm my heart. In the kitchen I adore it and I'm really leaning towards it in our own home as we wait for warm weather to roll back in so we can get moving on it....warm weather?...hello warmer weather will you ever return?
images via BHG

Tuscan Farmhouse Love

As the snow falls, yet again, my mind wanders to thoughts of warm breezes...
This home in sunny, gorgeous Tuscany features lavender and sunflower yellow throughout, but I am taken by these two photos....
if I had a fairytale this would be my castle.

The rustic table, the warm wood beams, everything about this is inviting, enveloping, completely and utterly Italian Rustic and my heart sings in its presence!
Photos by Andrea Vierucci

Monogram Candles

Z Gallarie has these chic monogram candles for $9.95 and I think it's wonderful that each has it's own special design...they will make perfect little pick-me-gifts for those friends we have that just deserve something special.

Sisters Agency Rocking London Flat

LOVE this flat that I came across while perusing Sisters Agency. Run by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer the ever so talented photographer that takes all these lovely images and her journalist sidekick sister Julia Mincarelli, their site is nothing less than awe-inspiring as the rooms are unique and full of life.
To quote their amazing website www.sistersagency.com - "Sisters Agency produces and markets images and complete photo features focusing on lifestyle, interior design and travel."

This home is indexed as the Artist/Rock'n Graffiti in London an I think with London Style becoming the new fabulous design fad, this home sets the plate for us (and raises the bar).
Where do I start, oh how about that settee? The black one, with the Union Jack pillow....and the way it's placed so naturally vs the clean lines of the cream sofa.
I am taken with the silver ball (gazing?) placed near the coffee table. It's eye-catching, light reflecting and shiny....all things on my lists of design loves.


Here we get a better look at that black wonder....how fantastic is looks with the vintage trunk and large task light. And that cage! Look at the curves, they are incredible.

I came close to fainting when I saw this. I find it just incredible. I have been dragging around a french dresser I painted with a Union Jack since when I was 15. I'm 35 now and I love it more than ever (even if everyone and their mother has one now) and this bed would be the perfect mate for it if I actually had it in the boudoir. SEXY. FUN. LOVE.

Honestly I don't know what to comment on first here....is it that LAMP. Look at the size, the choice of shade (LOVE THE COPPER COLOR) or the fact that it is PERFECT in this home. Look at the "burlesque" trunk it sits so mightly upon. Look at those chairs! They look butter soft and so foxy!

Large Looks for Small Baths

While perusing for inspiration this chilly morn, I stumbled across some bathrooms, that aren't big on footage, but their style goes on forever...

I'm adoring the colors in this bath, soft milky greens, and the way it was worked into the tile is so pretty. The vanity's metal surface reflects light and even though it's more modern in style than other design elements, they all flow together very nicely in this spot.

Love the dark grey, it's almost as dark as the we chose for our bedroom. Very sexy and paired with the marble it just looks very lux. The vanities are a fav of mine and the herringbone layout on the floor tile looks stunning. I would've placed some glossy white baroque style mirrors in place of these, possibly with mini chandeliers over them rather than the wall mounted lights....but I'm always looks for more glam...I can never get enough of it.

Love you yellow! It's popping up everywhere and chasing my winter blues away. This bath is vintage styled and I love the yellow chandelier you can glimpse in the mirror. Chandeliers = glam and we covered how I feel about that....

Pocket doors....pocket doors oh how I love thee....you always make me smile and they are a fabulous choice for enlarging an area and adding fantastic character. This bath with the distressed wood floor and neautral colors is just lovely. Check out the feet on that gorgeous clawfoot tub.

Not usually a big fan of the concrete counter, but in this application I do think it looks great. The color scheme is so serene. I love the way the pewter frames mirror brings the gray out in the wall color.

Cozy Banquette

A cozy banquette setting in a palette of warm colors invites one to utilize this spot for more than just dining.
I really love how they utlized a sections that might other be award to place furniture in by having the upholstered seating wrap around, with the windows behind it keeps it from feeling as if you've been placed in a dark corner. The rug is fantastic, the circles draw the eye out make the area appear larger and the mix of fabrics on the chairs keep it from being overly formal and add a punch of style.
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Mercury Glass Votive, Hexagon

$5.00 - West Elm

WE has an array of these little guys for $5.00 each and they offer free shipping on them.

Gold Mercury Glass Tealight Candle Holder (chalice design)

Anthropolgie's Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle ~ $28.99

Love the etched top - so pretty!

Touch of Europe had these adorable hanging mercury glass votives. Wouldn't they look striking hanging at different length in a garden?

Elizabeths Embelishments ~ has an array of mercury glass items, including candlesticks, apothecary jars and little delightful birds..

QVC Price: $17.34
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Charming Living Rooms

By selecting "leggy" furniture this room pairs up beautifully with the French doors and gorgeous paned windows. Everything feels open and airy, paired with the wood finishings, gold accents and
striking fireplace, this room is warm and inviting.

This living area proves that furniture from differents eras can marry together for something brillant. The orange upholstered french chairs, tree stump stools and little piggy statue keep this room from feeling stuffy...all together it keeps the room alluring with lots of eye candy to make the room interesting and fun.

The collection of silver candlesticks lined across this coffee table attract the light in such a pretty way. I find the mirror behind the couch dazzling! And the pale lavender upholstery looks marvelous!

Creamy yellow is extremly welcoming here. The curtains hund at ceiling height draw the eye up and bring attention to the grand windows, paired with a curvy spot to relax this room is simply glamourous.

images via Country Home & House Beautiful
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Wonderfully White Dressing Room

When I stumbled across this photo it was entitled "Ikea Dressing Room"...dressing room, office, hide-a-way, it's so wonderful.
The chandelier, the wallpaper, the pops of color, all married for a perfect little retreat.

image via Style at Home
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Sweet and Pretty Bathrooms

Yellow can be overwhelming to many when not used properly but in this creamy coated bathroom it is engaging and lovable.
The windows are phenominal and the gold and silver accenting works wonderfully with the palette.

This bathroom is just so sweet. The mosaic tile, the circular curtain, but that clawfoot tub! Stunning with the turquoise interior and what a lovely way to liven up your pampering bubble baths.

This bathroom just struck me as so pretty, and easily attainable. Without the chandelier it would still be so cute, but the glamorous touch it adds really takes it to a whole new level. Love the damask shower curtain in the roses and green and the apple walls too!

images BHG & Country Home

Tufted Headboard with a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard and tufted headboard.
With a glamorously lovely mix of fabrics and prints and the fantastic art on the chalkboard, I'm so impressed.

Jonathan Adler Does Orange

Jonathan Adler's NYC flat is awash is beautiful orange eye candy...and I love every inch of it ~

this chandelier lamp is fab and the way it ties into the headboard and door and hot. Secretly I'm lusting over the owl statue in the corner....I love owls and this guy would be perfect in my dining room...

Fun, fun, full of color, with glam touches, the rhino is adorable, and I wouldn't mind if he stomped his way over to my place.

Bright and happy, it's amazing how the orange can warm up any room. Balanced with the greenery it's just perfect in this awesome dining room