Morrocan Oil For Lux Hair

House of Deva is all about pulling together style in every aspect of your life and of course hair is undoubtly on that list.
I will admit openly, not that I'm proud of it though, I spend way too much on "product" products that is. I cannot imagine had I been born a boy what I would have done with myself, because the mere sight of a good beauty store has my heart all pitter pattering.

I also am known for to change my hair up quite a bit. I curl it, I flatten it. I have it several different colors in a year. Last year, I went from blue-black to platnium. And for the first time my hair showed it. See I was always lucky enough to get the formula just right and not damage my hair in any way noticeable. I couldn't stand it feeling like straw and looking frizzy and warped.
So I went in search of a treatment for it. I knew I had to halt the damage right where it was before I did anything further to it. After endless research I came across Moroccan Oil on Amazon. I was unsure. It was a little pricey for a bottle of something I wasn't familar with and I wasn't about to "test" prior to purchase. However after reading the glowing reviews on it, I buckled and ordered.

House of Deva will only review products here that truely live up to everything they say...and impress me beyond anything I have ever come across. Moroccan Oil did it for me. To begin it smells absolutely DIVINE. I wish they made it in a perfume. The bottle, while only being 3.4 ounces is tremendous for the amount applied each time. I rub a dollop the size of a nickle between my palms and go over the ends of my locks while they are damp. I have long, thick hair and that is more than enough for me. Have I mentioned it smells DIVINE. I also run my palm down my bangs, if I'm rocking that super straight 70's disco mama bang look. It makes them super, super shiney.

What it's done for my hair you ponder? Well by putting it in when my hair is damp it seemingly acts as shield against the heat of my blow dryer and they heating tool of choice (flat iron..etc.) BUT because it's an oil when the heat is applied it's also acting as a leave in hot oil treatment. What does it leave my hair looking like? LUSTER, so shiney,  but just as important, to me at least, is the way it feels. It's so soft without giving the over conditioned problem of letting my curls loose, or looking lackluster or greasey after a few hours (I wash my hair every other day).

The bottle I purchase on Amazon last year, and used religiously has just dipped below the halfway mark. So for around $35 I have a treatment that should last almost two years. I was impressed with the oil that I ordered the shampoo, conditioner and intense hydrating mask. Again the smell is off the hook, the shampoo didn't foam up a lot and it can get pricey as the bottle is not very big, but along with the conditioner I felt it worked really well. The hydrating mask is superb. Another product in this line where a little goes along way. Lastly I order the Gold Glimmer Shine. I think in my little mind I thought it would make an instant glowing halo around my head and people would gasp "look at her fierce hair!" as I strolled by. I wasn't as impressed with it as I had hoped. This one did make my hair look dull after the day, but I'm going to give it another whirl this week and try only applying it to the ends once my hair is styled.

So in conclusion...if you're shopping for a hair treatment, try the the oil. Start off with a tiny little amount and put it in while your hair is damp and if you do give it a whirl, I hope you enjoy the DIVINE scent as much as I!


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