Glam Bathrooms from Elle Decor

a tiny nook, yet the mirror and small table bring a beautiful elegance to it..

Ferragamo, and I wouldn't expect anything less....

Cynthia Rowley, always does it in a girly glam style. Love the mural and the Venetian mirror over the clean lined sink

Vintage Finnish wallpaper brings life to this bathroom, isn't the molding outstanding? And I will always love those sinks, they always seem vintage and graceful to me...

Obviously a large space that a vanity of this caliber can be floated in the room....and I love it because it's different.

That style sink again...I'm hooked. Blue and white tiling keeps it crisp, while the antique mirror brings warmth.

First check the molding around the door....glamorous! And marble covered walls, absolutely lux. I think I would've went with a larger mirror, but I'm a mirror fiend...

Sweet on the idea of lining art along the counter. I'm going to have to work this into the House of Deva. I find this space balance really nice with male and female  decor elements.


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